Meet the editors

Kevin is an English Major in the hopes of becoming a High School Teacher. He enjoys attending mass, hanging out with family and friends drinking hot chocolate in front of a fire, going road biking, and helping out with youth ministry at St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

Jacob Dellinger  is currently in his last semester as an English major at Mary Washington. He enjoys reading, writing, watching movies, and spending time with his family and girlfriend. After graduation, he hopes to begin working in the anti-human trafficking field and possibly live overseas.

Jacob Gordon is a senior Literature major at Mary Wash graduating in the spring and moving to Maine to help his friend build a house in the middle of nowhere.  From there he will privately study and write to prepare for his GRE exam.  Jacob will also be preparing to open up a pizza restaurant titled “Two Bros and Some Dough” after he and his father find the perfect poolish for their dough recipe.

Mary is an English Creative Writing major graduating at the end of Spring 2012.  She is ever hopeful of supporting herself as a science fiction novelist, but reality continues to hit her in the face.  She loves reading, writing, watching Doctor Who and Star Trek, and the adorable Cocker Spaniel that greets her at the end of the day.  Mary is pretty cool herself.

Allison is a senior and an English major that is preparing for graduation. This summer, she plans on moving back home to sell real estate with her family. She is excited for this new challenge, and one day, would love to teach children the love of reading she herself learned at a young age. When a book does not have her full attention, she enjoys going to the movies, drinking coffee, and visiting her hometown of Richmond.