Welcome to Splinter Literary Journal, where we seek to explore the Human Condition through the artistic lenses of poetry, prose and photography.  There are moments in life that we will always remember, because they not just define how we define ourselves as individuals, but also as human beings.  We look for art that connects with the world around us, takes us to exciting new places, and deals with the uncertainties of life that define “The Human Condition”.  Splinter is not only about recognizing pain, but also about the healing that is a part of the process.  Below, you can find our featured artists.

Featured Poetry:
Rick Dellinger:
In the Nursing Home

Joon Song:

Featured Prose:
Jay Mouton
Alexander S. Beattie

Featured Photography:
Anna Bloomer

Molly Heiner

Please feel free to visit our mission and submissions page or send us an email at splinterliteraryjournal@gmail.com.